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«[Идея] Творчества выражена в образе дракона, ибо он таков,
что непостижимы его чудесные превращения.
Вот почему он как образ выражает метаморфозы творческого пути,
прибавление и убыль силы света, выступление и отступление…»
Чэн И-чуань. Комментарий к «И-цзин»

Wizard «Call to the Dragon»

In the old times
They lived on this world
Majestic creatures
Blessed by the gods

High in the sky
Down in their caves
They created and reigned
A world without hate

Now all are dead
Only one survived
In immortality
Forever he will raise

She calls for help to the dragon in the sky
Through the eternal hall of time he has to fly
To help the world to save mother earth
Powered by his hate to the human kind

No.. longer the hunted
Now he is the savior
Of all that lives
On mother earth

He will fight
To those who destroyed
His planet of birth
His home and his land

He knows that this fight
Will come fast
That this war for life
Will be his last quest

Andala tharain!
Hwest ed ur.
Tirina va arda.
Aran I vista.
Turosto teld?.
Rilma adel ninniach.
Halapa, halapa, edonai, Dracona.