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«Один Чжу учился ловить драконов. Выбросил силы и деньги на ветер.
Жаль что за всю свою жизнь он так ни одного и не встретил.»

Поиск по сайту

Поиск по сайту

Dreamtale «Lady Dragon»

The mighty dragon in her lair (lair,lair) There is no daylight and no air (air, air) There's pleasure, a treasure There lies an endless nightmare Go inside if you dare Many heroes tried and failed The lonely dragon in her lair (lair, lair) She's got gold but she doesn't care (care, care) She's waiting, for someone To hold and not to run She wants love, she wants passion Many years she tried and failed Now the years are passing by Lady Dragon doesn't fly She lies in her keep Tryin' to sleep Forever...

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