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«Источник «Золотистой пыли», пью ежедневно из него я.
Мне жить лет тысячу, не меньше, вспоенному водой живою.
Меня дракон и синий феникс несут, друг другу помогая,
К нефритовому государю, в простор безоблачного края.»
Ван Вэй

Hawkwind «Dragon Song»

In a time before this time
Those ancient gods of mine and thine
Proclaimed our twin fates intertwined
And named our day of destiny

Calling all to come and feast
To witness blood of man and beast
Intermingled West to East
North to South and sea to sea

Mortal shall have dragon kin
Share blood in virtue and in sin
'gainst common enemies shall win
And ever bound in twain shall be!

Now dragons wake to dragon's flight
Dragon beauty, dragon bright
Rise in vengeance, soar to fight
Dragons roar fills up the night

Firedrake's form blots out the Moon
Dragons rise from sleeping grave
When brothers sing the dragons tune
Echoing through the dragon's cave

Dragon singer, dragon cry
Dragon rider mounts the sky
Dragon brother, legends fame
Hear me call the dragon names:

Flamefang! Hornblow! Rainbow Wing!
'Tis time we heard the dragons sing
Spiketail! Sharpclaw! Snout-On-Fire!
Create our enemies' funeral pyre

Steelcrest! Blackscale! Golden Bone!
Rise to defend the Dragon Throne
(Dragon steed bears dragon kin
Towards the howling battle din

Dragon rider's cry is wild
Dragon mother, dragon child
Dragons' wings unfolded wide
Aloft now spreads the dragon tide

Dragons dive and dragons sear
Bring the death which all men fear
For Death is now the dragon's bride
Upward now the dragons spear

Higher where the air is clear
Above the clouds, close to the Sun
Dragon brothers, we are one!
Dragons kill and dragons slay

Dragons fly towards the fray
Pay the price all dragons pay
For victory brings our funeral day!