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«Источник «Золотистой пыли», пью ежедневно из него я.
Мне жить лет тысячу, не меньше, вспоенному водой живою.
Меня дракон и синий феникс несут, друг другу помогая,
К нефритовому государю, в простор безоблачного края.»
Ван Вэй

Поиск по сайту

Поиск по сайту

Wizard «Call to the Dragon»

In the old times They lived on this world Majestic creatures Blessed by the gods High in the sky Down in their caves They created and reigned A world without hate [Bridge:] Now all are dead Only one survived In immortality Forever he will raise [Ref:] She calls for help to the dragon in the sky Through the eternal hall of time he has to fly To help the world to save mother earth Powered by his hate to the human kind No.. longer the hunted Now he is the savior Of all that lives On mother earth He...

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